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True Love That Lasts


The True Love That Lasts Webinar

Pope Francis’s Concern & Challenge
Bishop Caggiano’s Challenges

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Pope Francis’s Concern

Pope Francis

"Don't they (the media) realize that the
family, all over the world is in crisis?
And the family is the basis of society?
Don't they realize that young people
don't want to get married?"

Pope Francis’s Challenge

•   More happily married couples = more young want to marry
•   What to do that is quick-to-learn and easy-to-use?

2018 Synod Marriage, Family and Youth
•   Invited world leaders to help solve this world crisis

The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts

True Love That Lasts paperback The book — 50+ years' research into:
•   What is True Love?
•   How to grow True Love a little each day?

How a single question a day can help you enjoy and love your spouse more for a lifetime—starting immediately

•   The Bishop was intrigued.
•   Took a copy to the Pope and for use at the Synod

Bishop Caggiano’s Challenge

Bishop Caggiano • To the Leadership Institute, Drs. Donovan and Steffen
•   Put these True Love That Lasts life-changing discoveries
•   In video and webinar form
•   Make them available to our Diocese and all the Diocese of the country

What Are These Life-changing Discoveries?

1. Defining love so that it can be grown with just a single question a day.
2. Explaining a simple method to tell your spouse what you REALLY want
3. How to recognize God as your Marriage Partner to optimize your marital happiness

Pope's Words and Bishop's Invitation

"Pope Francis is clear; marriage cannot be improvised. A good marriage takes commitment and hard work."

"In their book, Jim and Carol Steffen outline a very simple recipe for a strong, healthy marriage. By asking one question a day, husbands and wives can work together to build a relationship that endures.

"I invite couples of all ages and experience to take up Jim and Carol's challenge of growing True Love That Lasts using the one question a day."

Directory for Catechesis 2020New Directory for Catechesis 2020

Paragraph 232a emphasized not to focus on just marriage preparation
A marriage relationship is a living thing.
Like all living things, if it's not growing, it's dying!
The focus should be on lifetime formation and growth.

Executive Director Donovan: The book is very timely because its a proven method to implement the New Directory—growing in the enjoyment and love of your spouse a little bit each day, for a lifetime.

Benefits You Can Expect

1. It is possible to grow True Love a little each day with a single question a day.
2. The ability to tell their spouse what they REALLY want was worth the entire webinar.
3. Considering God as their Loving Partner to optimize their marital success.
Request: Don’t take our word for it! Read the Fairfield County Catholic at

Where Do You See Yourself?

Thinking of Marriage or Just Married
Happily Married
Unhappily Married

What you can expect if you’re in any one of these groups—view our FREE flyer by going to

Benefits Your Parish Can Expect

•   Goal — a True Love That Lasts Team in each parish
•   QEP (Quick-to-learn, Easy-to-use, Proven-to-work) process to help each of the above four groups
•   Leadership Institute commitment — create a parish guide for True Love That Lasts Teams

Diocese of Bridgeport, CT website— Each of the above groups is related to the True Love That Lasts Journey — read more:

For help developing your own True Love That Lasts Team contact Dr. Jim Steffen   •   203-740-8400

Benefits Your Arch/Diocese Can Expect

Fact: Pope Francis is asking for help.
Fact: Almost 50% of those married today, will be divorced in some tomorrow.
Fact: There are probably members of each of the above four groups in every one of your parishes.
Fact: If you’re like most Marriage, Family and Youth Organizations, resources are limited.

Invitation: Join the True Love That Lasts Journey
•   We are committed to sharing insights and resources
•   to increase marital happiness and reduce divorce
•   We would appreciate the advantage of your advice and experience

How to Begin
•   Participate in the next webinar - detail below
•   Invite several key couples to join you

Example of Strength In Numbers
Chris Rada of Brooklyn — invites all recently married

The Next
True Love That Lasts
Webinar Series

Webinar Introduction Thursday May 23 from 7:30 - 9:00 PM - Location TBA
Sessions 1 - 5 over zoom Thursday May 30 to June 27
Graduation of Certified Coaches Thursday June 27 - Location TBA

To register, go to:

Details of the five sessions are at:

Commercially the webinar is $500.
Because of a committed supporter all webinars are free.
Participants just need a True Love That Lasts kit (book and habit builder). A couple will need just one book and a habit builder for each person.
You can order the kit through this link

Frequently Asked Questions
Can a person participate alone?   Absolutely!
It is best if both couples participate. But not necessary.

More Information
Coach Jim Steffen   •   203.740.8400   •

The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts
and the True Love That Lasts Habit Builder is available in paperback through Arkett Publishing. The Kindle and audiobook are available on Amazon

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